– A magical French Beer –

It took years of work to perfect the recipe and create The One and Only Cognac Beer.

Jean-Yves (alias « JYM » in the beer world) « I jumped immediately into the ALAMBIC adventure as it was not just another flavored or oak aged beer. I’m very proud to be associated with such an elegant and sophisticated pairing! »

It was actually a big challenge to pair ALAMBIC, IPA beer with Cognac – the magnificence of Beer and the King of Spirit.

After brewing by infusion with the highest malted barley quality, finest hops selection, the wort is cooled down and pitched with a very aromatic top yeast and fermented at controlled temperature.

The beer in the fermentation tank reaches by fermentation the required ABV.

In lagering tank, the Cognac at 40%, is added and slowly integrated and matured with beer increasing the beer ABV and developing unique and complex aromas.

Thanks to the exceptional expertise of our Brewer Master Jean-Yves, the impossible marriage between Cognac and beer became reality.

ALAMBIC French Beer is opening a fantastic new territory. 

Alcohol abuse is hazardous to your health. Drink with moderation.


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