– A unique French experience –

ALAMBIC is an IPA beer with Cognac, produced in France. Alambic as the iconic distillation device used in the region to produce Cognac.


The blending of an IPA beer and Cognac makes ALAMBIC color unique: warm amber. The selected crystal malt blend enhances the copper color of the Cognac.

On the nose

Full of complexity, a strong fruitiness with dominant citrus, mandarin and orange notes, mango balanced with vanilla coming from the Cognac wood.


The infused dry hopping from a selected aromatic hop’s blend and Cognac during lagering gives full body, complexity, fruitiness with dominant citrus and mango. There is a perfect balance between the fruitiness and bitterness.  

The finish is elegant, long-lasting with Cognac notes enhanced by the toffee notes.

Best quality

Storage recommendation: Controlled temperature to preserve hops flavors. Shelf life: best before 6 months from the bottling date.

7.1% Alc by Vol. IBU: 60

375ml per bottle | Case of 24 bottles


Alcohol abuse is hazardous to your health. Drink with moderation.


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