– A sublime taste of the past –

“Sire, it would be easier to seize the moon with the teeth than to attempt such a task in this place” said Vauban, the master in french military fortifications, to the King Louis XIV about the construction of Fort Boyard.

The fort Boyard was built to protect the entrance of the Charente river from seaborne invasions.

From 11th Century, northern Europe navigators came by the Charente river to seek the salt and the white wine of the “Champagne” and the “Borderies”, areas of the Cognac city region.

Later, the 16th century saw the Dutch arriving in Cognac port, again in search of the famous white wine. In order to occupy less space for the sea journey, the Dutch started using them in their newly established distilleries where they were transformed into “brandwijn” – burnt wine – hence the name “Brandy”.

Voila! Cognac, king of spirits, is born. 

Legend has it that at nightfall these northern European sailors, great lovers of beer, would secretly open the barrels of precious Cognac to steal a few drops for their beer. One single objective: to enhance the beer.

Today we bring you back the legend.

Alcohol abuse is hazardous to your health. Drink with moderation.


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